Get Me to The Church...

Brice and Mayra will be married at:

The Roman Catholic
Church of All Saints

at 3:00 pm

47 East 129th St at NE corner of Madison Ave

New York, NY 10035

Tel: 212-534-3535


Your best bet for moving around NYC. The 4/5(green line) takes you to E. 125th street which is just six blocks away from the Church.  Please walk up Madison and the church is right at the northeast corner with E. 129th.  You can also take the 2/3 to w. 125th and walk two blocks west and 4 blocks north to E. 129th street.

Metro North

When you get off at the 125th Harlem stop, you walk 1 block to Madison and 4 blocks north to E. 129th street.


You can take a cab up to the church pretty easily.  Usually going up Madison is pretty fast.  In Harlem, yellow cabs are harder to find, especially if it is raining. Tip is generally about 15%.

Car Services

Car service is a term used in New York City and surrounding areas to refer to a type of vehicle-for-hire transportation. It differs from taxi service in that in New York, the term "taxi" is used exclusively to refer to a service of circulating chauffered vehicles which may be flagged down on the street on demand. By constrast, car service refers to services which are hired only by appointment over the telephone and dispatched by radio to the driver (taxicabs may also be hired in this way).

If you prefer a car service, here are some options

And these car services in Harlem: (Mayra has used Harlem-based Ivoire and New Harlem Car Service). These would be good choices for going from the church to the Bronx Zoo. The ride should cost about $18-$20 dollars plus a 15% tip of $3.00. Please save these numbers to your mobile phone so you have them handy after the ceremony.
  • Ivoire Car Service 212-722-8800
  • New Harlem Car Service 212-663-9090
  • Harlem Car Service 212-663-8080
  • Day Night Car Service 212-694-4000
  • Cabrini Premium Car Service 212-234-9400 or 212-234-7600
  • Kennedy Car Service 212-283-1111 
  • East River 212-860-7333 and 212-289-2046.
  • And for more of a list of car and limo services here is

Here is a link for car service in the Bronx after the celebration. Security at the Bronx Zoo will help you call a cab or car service, but just to be sure, have some numbers saved on your mobile phone. You will arrive and depart from the 182nd Street/Southern Blvd entrance to the Zoo.


If you cannot find parking on the streets near the Church of All Saints which is at E. 129 between Park and Madison, these are convenient parking lots. And, if you can help to transport others from the Church to the Celebration, please let us know on the RSVP form or by email.

  1. E. 126 on the southwest corner intersecting Park Avenue
  2. E. 126 and 3rd ave on the south side
  3. Park Avenue at the northeast corner intersecting E. 127
  4. E. 131 and Park Avenue
  5. Southwest corner of Adam Clayton Powell Blvd (also known as 7th Ave) and W. 127th.
  6. 380 Lenox (6th Ave) at the northeast corner of W. 129.

Here is a map showing the location of the church (green arrow).
The subway
shows subway stops. The Metro-North shows the Metro-North train station.