Having fun at the Bronx Zoo supports wildlife conservation research.

Where's the Party?

After the marrriage ceremony, we are traveling to the rainforest. In The Bronx. Really.

  • 6:00 - 7:30 Canapés and Champagne Reception at the Congo Gorilla Forest near the Southern Blvd Gate (see map below). Free parking and taxi drop off is at 182nd Street and Southern Boulevard.

  • 7:30 – 11:30 Dinner, Divine Wine, and Dancing at the Dancing Crane Pavilion

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Details may change..

Please bring informal pictures of yourselves and, if you take photos during the celebration, send them to us! A friend will assemble all the photos of our friends and family as a gift for us. Mug shots are acceptable.

congo forest, bronx zoo

We gotcher lettuce, we gotcher bananas, we got the welcome mat out fer yer!

Watch a Video clip. A 30 second introduction to the Congo Gorilla Forest at The Bronx Zoo (requires RealPlayer)



AND Don't Miss Our Mexican Fiesta

on Sunday, August 19!

Join us for Mariachis & Margaritas from 1-6pm.

dancing feet


See larger map of zoo layout.


Gorilla FAQ

Each gorilla has a unique nose pattern, like the human fingerprint.

About 67% of their diet is fruit; 17% is seeds, leaves, stems, and pith. Animal prey, including termites, caterpillars, and other insect larvae make up the rest. Females eat more leaves than do males (ladies prefer salad).

Infant gorillas pout when their mothers don't give them something they want.

Vocalization consists of roars, screams, hoots, barks, and more. Play this game to Learn to Speak Gorilla!

More information about gorillas

Watch Gorilla videos at National Geographic

By Subway

#2 or #5 train to East Tremont Ave/West Farms Square. At street level, walk straight ahead (follow train uptown) on Boston Road 2½ blocks to the Zoo’s Asia gate entrance (Gate A). Turn left on Bronx Park South and walk up to Southern Blvd and turn right. Continue to the Southern Blvd Gate at the Zoo on your right. The walk on Bronx Park South is a long one and probably not practical on a hot August day in dress shoes.

dancing crane
Dance at the
Dancing Crane Pavillion


How do we get from Church to the Celebration?

Complete driving, bus, and subway directions to the Bronx Zoo are here and here is a map of public transportation. Also refer to the information on Car Services and Taxis on the directions page. When you leave the church, call the car service from Harlem and ask for a confirmation number so you will know which car is yours. Car services do not usually take reservations, but they will have been notified to expect calls from the church that day. The walk from the subway to the entrance gate at 182nd Street and Southern Blvd is rather long and may not be practical on a hot August day.

By Car From Manhattan’s Westside 
Henry Hudson North to Cross Bronx Expwy East (I-95) to Exit 4B. Follow signs to Bronx River Pkwy North (bearing left after the I-95 entrance ramp). The Zoo’s Bronx River entrance (Gate B) is located at Exit 6 off the Bronx River Pkwy. Or exit the Bronx River Pkwy at Exit 7W, Fordham Road. After the blinking light, exit right. At top of exit ramp, make a left onto Southern Blvd. Gate C can be found at 182nd Street. Parking is free for our event.

Here is a map from All Saints Church to The Bronx Zoo.

When you RSVP, please be sure to let us know if you can help with transportating others from the church to the reception. If you are driving or will use the subway or a taxi, we will provide directions. But if you need us to help arrange transportation, let us know.

How do I get out of the Bronx?  

Well, if Anne Bancroft, JLo, Ralph Lauren, Colin Powell, Stanley Kubrick, and Edgar Allan Poe can, you can too.

Here is a link for car service in the Bronx. Security at the Bronx Zoo will assist you in calling a taxi or car service, but just to be sure, save some numbers to your mobile phone. You will be at the 182nd Street/Southern Blvd gate at the Zoo.

What should I wear?

Whatever let's you move to the music and can expand at the belly.

Ladies: Formal attire.
(Hint: Mayra loves hats! Where to shop? Click Here!)




Classic Black & White

In the Congo Gorilla Forest, you may also see the okapi. Like the giraffe, the okapi has a very long tongue that can reach out and pull tender new leaves off forest trees. It can even use its tongue to groom its ears! Clean ears are always in fashion.

Gentlemen: Black tie

Are you a Bow Tie Man?
It is virtually impossible to spill soup on a bow tie -- Arthur Schlesinger

What's on the menu?

Ummmm...let's just say it's a surprise.

sax NY

What kind of music will there be?

Hey, this is New York and anything goes. Click the image on either side (performed by Devian on sax or Mariachi Relampago) to start the party right now!

harmonica kidThen again, at New York prices, we might just settle for this little guy! He does a memorable "Boogie Down Bronx".
Please Also Come: Sunday, August 19th from 1pm to 6pm


Sunday August 19

From 1pm to 6pm

Join us for

Mariachis & Margaritas

at Brice and Mayra's apartment in Harlem

Please RSVP