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Wedding Party: Brice, Mike, Roger (Summer 1986)
Mike Gips (Best Man) and Roger Blair (Groomsman) have been friends for many years. Brice met Mike Gips in nursery school where they were a trio along with Paul Manner, another lifelong friend and guest at the wedding. Roger joined the crew at the end of Junior High School after having met Brice in the school chorus and becoming a member of Brice's Boy Scout troop. Mike and Brice have shared a number of life milestones. They have been roommates twice and spent half of a summer traveling together in Europe. They even share a vocabulary of alternate word definitions to the amusement of some who share in their use and to the distain of others tired of hearing them. Mike's fluency in Spanish proved instrumental as Brice prepared to ask Mayra's parents for her hand and later propose to Mayra. Both were delivered in Spanish thanks to Mike's excellent coaching. His help was treasonous and the outcome ranks as a macadamia. In celebration, both Mike and Brice plan to damage the wedding cake.
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