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The Plot Thickens

How We Met (The Case of the Ululating Yentas)

Mutual Discoveries (Rational Exuberance)

The Proposal (The McAllen Maneuver)

The Engagement Party (Ensemble)

The Bridal Shower

Mayra loves the way Brice

is extremely kind, thoughtful, creative, smart and funny.  She adores his mellifluous baritone voice and beautiful eyes.  Mayra is on Cloud 9 about how romantic Brice is and the way that he adores her. Cloud Number 9

At Christmas, Brice surprised Mayra with a gift certificate to take tango classes, Mayra’s favorite dance.  He also welcomed her back from a trip to Mexico by cooking an elaborate and delectable French dinner. His proposal in her hometown of McAllen was more romantic than she could have ever imagined.

Brice hopes their life together will...

be adventurous, passionate and, at times, a quiet refuge from otherwise busy lives.

Brice loves Mayra’s sense of humor, intellectual curiosity and tenderness. Her warm, inquisitive eyes and flowing dark hair made him quite smitten as his friend Haek observed early on. While Brice has studied numerous computer languages, not too many peoples of the world speak a digital dialect, and he finds Mayra’s gift for language far more suitable for finding their way to the State Hermitage, Iguazu Falls, Masada, Mercato Centrale or Wiener Mozarthaus.

Mayra has found many ways to express her affection for Brice. His favorite morning breakfast of pancakes has been forever improved via Mayra’s gourmet hands. He has learned a whole new Spanish vocabulary through her words of endearment. To help with his Spanish, Mayra gave Brice several different versions of Chalupa, a traditional Mexican game of chance. However, Brice may need to learn a Spanish expletive as his Chalupa playing demonstrates why professional gambling could never be a lucrative career choice. Even Mayra’s suggestion for the wedding church was made, in part, to appeal to Brice’s love of architecture.