Mayra's Family

Delfina Flores, Myra's Maternal Grandmother, circa 1910

Delfina Flores,
Maternal Grandmother (1910)

Matias Flores, Mayra's paternal Great Grandfather

Matias Flores,
Maternal Great Grandfather

Rodrigo Rodriguez,
Mayra's Paternal Grandfather

Mayra’s mother, Aurora Valladares Flores, was born and raised in Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon Mexico, and her father, Gonzalo Mario Rodríguez Marroquin was born and raised in Mission, Texas.

Aurora is a devoted mother of six children, avid reader (especially of Russian literature), opera fan, and great cook.  Mayra inherited her love of Russian culture, opera, and travel from Aurora. 

Gonzalo Mario is the hard working father of fourteen children. Mayra gets her work ethic and perseverance from him.   At the age of 18, he landed on Omaha Beach with the Normandy forces; he earned several medals for outstanding service, and was honorably discharged after serving with the Occupation Forces in Europe.

Aurora and Gonzalo met in southern Texas and have been married a little over 40 years.  Gonzalo Mario was a migrant farmer for several years in South Bend, Indiana where Mayra and three of her siblings were born.  The family relocated to McAllen, Texas in 1972.

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Mayra's Siblings

Ruby lives in St. Helen, Michigan with her two teenage daughters, Ashley who has a passion for art and Brittany, an opera aficionado.  Ruby is an accounts representative at Northland Area Federal Credit Union.  Previously, she served in the US Navy in various posts including Guam and Diego Garcia. She was a radioman working with satellite communications.


Lorena is an Underwriting Assistant Manager at The Texas Municipal Intergovernmental Risk Pool in Austin where she is a .  Mayra nicknames her “the diplomat,” given her negotiating skills that would make any UN official envious.  She also sings beautifully to mariachi music.

Celina is an accountant at The Texas Municipal Intergovernmental Risk Pool.  Celina has a great sense of humor and has enjoyed drawing.  She is an energetic dancer, and no doubt, you will be with her on the dance floor at the wedding reception.

Gonzalo Mario was a very loving and lively child with twinkling eyes and an infectious laugh.  His passions were listening to music, swimming and diving. 

Gonzalo Mario’s family misses him greatly every day and always remembers him with the deepest affection.  

Rommel and Carolina Rommel, Jr.
Rommel's children: Carolina (dancing with her father) and Rommel, Jr.
Rommel is a saxophone player and a music teacher at De Leon Middle School in McAllen.  When friends of Mayra once asked him what it was like to be raised with “all those girls,” he responded that “by the time that God got to me, he had run out of vocal chords.”  Whatever he may lack in verbal expression is overcompensated by his musical expression.  Rommel will play Mayra’s bridal procession.   He has two adorable children, Rommel, Jr. and Carolina.  Rommel is happily married to Geanna, also a teacher in McAllen; together they are raising six terrific children, all of whom loved Brice’s chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes.