Proposal and Engagement Discoveries Boy Meets Girl Mayra and Brice Together Welcome

The Proposal Grande

Brice's Plan was to adhere to time-honored tradition. He would seek Mayra's Father's permission to marry Mayra, and her Mother's blessing. With her brother and sisters' help (see email at right), Brice would surprise Mayra with a proposal set to mariachi music, present her with a diamond ring, and then the family would join them for a surprise party.

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Brice asks for Mayra's Father's permission to marry Mayra and for Mayra's Mother's Blessing.
(They said si).

Mayra's Papa Breaks into Song

Mayra grew up in McAllen, Texas

The family enjoys a BBQ. Right are Rob and Lorena, Brice, and Rommel, the BBQ chef. At left is The Rio Grande.

She Said Yes!

While the mariachis play, Brice whispers his heart-felt proposal in Mayra's ear.

Mayra Dances with Papa

Carolina, Celina, Gonzalo

Mayra and her Mama, Aurora

The Men Revel in the Sentiments of
"El Rey", a kind of Hymn to Hims (irrelevant to real life)

Lorena Toasts the Happy Couple

The Rodriguez family treat Brice and Mayra to a night in a romantic hotel and fill their room with rose petals, champagne, and chocolate.


Engagement Cake

Geanna, Rommel, Mayra, and Brice