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Mayra Remembers...

How Mayra and Brice Met

Brice and Mayra met through their friends Bruce Wells and Lucas Meyer, “male yentas”, the pair of 'em.   According to Mayra, on October 3rd, 2006, she received an e-mail from Lucas that read:

Lucas Meyer


This guy works with my good friend and neighbor Bruce Wells, and is interested in meeting you. I know nothing about him, but Bruce says he is a good guy. I took the liberty of giving him your name and e-mail.

Working for you… LJM

Lucas than wrote or called incessantly until Mayra wrote to Bruce for information about Brice.  When Mayra received a glowing recommendation from Bruce describing Brice as “engaging, smart (and of course, opinionated but aren’t we all), and physically active”, she decided that it was certainly worth meeting a guy whose colleague thought so highly of him.  Lucas continued to call and tell her that she should “stop being so 1950s and not wait for the man to call.”  She eventually wrote Brice a short e-mail introducing herself.  Brice promptly wrote back, and by his note, Mayra realized to her horror that Brice had been given her work website and had been reading about her.  Brice suggested getting together for appetizers and drinks.

According to Brice, he picked up a voicemail from Bruce that said, “hey, I have a neighbor who wants to marry off two women whom he thinks should live in the suburbs.”  Brice wanted to ignore the message, but his curiosity got the better of him.  He rang Bruce and this conversation followed:

Brice:“Hey, you left a weird message on my phone --what is this about?” 

Bruce: “Well, my neighbor knows one woman who just got divorced and has a kid.” 

Brice: “What about the other one?” 

Bruce: “The other one is so smart that she intimidates men!” 

Brice:“Great! I will take that one!” 

Brice had been changing offices and working late and had been waiting to communicate with Mayra by phone.  When he received her e-mail, he went straight to her website.

from Fiddler On The Roof, a YentaYenta doesn't have anything necessarily to do with match-making; in fact, the Yiddish word for matchmaker is shadchan, not yenta, yet it does have that usage in both social and cybersocial contexts; it is used often in that manner. Yenta is the name of the matchmaker in the Broadway musical Fiddler on the Roof. This is something of an erroneous association, since matchmakers in traditional Eastern European Jewish shtetls were men, and the match was settled between the fathers. The original stories of Sholom Aleichem, from which Fiddler on the Roof is based, have all the matchmakers as men.


Bruce Wells

Bruce Remembers...

Lucas Meyer and Bruce Wells, both residents of Scarsdale New York, met in opposition to a proposed parking structure in their village.

That turned into many nights drinking grappa, cognac and whiskey (straight up) at the Meyer mansion, where talk turned from local politics to other more important things. Meyer lamented that his good friend Mayra could not find a man worthy of her affections. Mayra, said Meyer, is a graduate of Harvard and Wharton, and spoke 6 languages. Most men just don't measure up for Mayra said Meyer.

single malt

But it took Bruce many single malts over many nights to realize he knew of a bachelor named Brice. Bruce knew Brice from the office, but they shared many interests, including cycling to work, skiing, hiking, eating large amounts of food, and liberal politics. Bruce also knew Brice was also very picky when it came to women. Never once would Brice show up at the company Christmas party with a date! Bruce knew Brice was looking for the rarest of the rare, a single straight independent intelligent woman.
It took a while, but once the light dawned over the future marble head, it was done. Bruce and Meyer knew Brice and Mayra would be the perfect pair! They would be introduced, coerced into meeting, then bothered again to follow up. But soon we had a match, and soon after, a done deal. The kids, the house in Scarsdale and the light blue Honda minivan were not far off. The yentas has scored a complete victory!

Lost Souls by hien nguyenUlulating Yentas And now we know, if it weren't for a bad idea in Scarsdale civic planning, Brice and Mayra would still be lost souls in the greater New York singles scene.