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Mayra Rodriguez Valladares

Mayra Rodríguez Valladares was born in South Bend, Indiana and raised in McAllen, Texas. She has 3 sisters and 2 brothers, along with 7 half-sisters, and 1 half-brother.  Whilst in McAllen, she spent most of her time playing the alto saxophone, competing in debate and public speaking, and applying to ten out of state colleges.


Mayra, 3 Days Old

Mayra, 3 Days Old

Mayra's First Communion

First Communion


Spelling Champ
Mayra Shuns K-Mart
Mayra runs from K-Mart as fast as her little legs...

Mayra was graduated from Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges in 1988 with an AB in Russian and Soviet Studies. Between her undergraduate and graduate studies, Mayra spent a year in Jerusalem as a Raoul Wallenberg Scholar at Hebrew University. 

Liya & LazarMayra volunteered with Russian Jewish immigrants during college. She became very good friends with Liya and Lazar who will be at the wedding

She was graduated from The Wharton School and The Lauder Institute of the University of Pennsylvania with an MBA in Emerging Markets Business and an MA in International Studies in 1995. 

She also spent a semester studying German and German post-Weimar history in West Berlin and numerous summers in Moscow and St. Petersburg studying Russian and Russian literature.  As you might begin to suspect from all of this multinational matriculation, Mayra is megagaltastic in six languages. Now, she only takes courses on cooking, wine tasting, and opera appreciation at The New School and The Julliard School of Music.

Mayra in Serbia

Mayra in Serbia

Mayra is a financial consultant and an Adjunct Professor at New York University and The Fashion Institute of Technology.  In the last few years, most of her projects have been in training central or private sector bankers about risk management and derivatives.  Other projects have included helping steer Russian scientists away from anthrax production to entrepreneurial activities such as experimenting on laboratory rats and yoghurt production.  She also worked for a few weeks in the tropics of Bolivia trying to encourage coca producers to leave that crop in favor of cultivating bananas, pineapples, and coffee beans.

Mayra in China

Mayra in China

. Mayra in Egypt

Mayra in Egypt

Her studies and financial consulting career have taken her to 65 countries, including a year in Jerusalem and four in London. Her favorite projects have been in Egypt, Uzbekistan and The Philippines; her most challenging one was herding goats and bats out of her foreign exchange course in Southern Sudan. 

Mayra categorically denies that she is “99” or that she has ever worked or now works for The Firm.  Or that she has ever impersonated Ethel Waters.

ethel waters

Mayra in Harlem