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Where to Stay, What to Do


Need a roof over your head and a comfy abode while you are in NY?

Here are some suggestions:


Bed & Breakfasts in Harlem for the gutsy & groovy. Also check out The Uptown Hostel.



Citidex: Hotels by Area and Price

Subway map:

The subways closest to Mayra are the 2/3 at W. 125th (red line) and 4/5 E. 125th (green line). This could change if we find an apartment by the day of the wedding.  At any rate, the new apartment would still be in Harlem so those subways would still apply.

subway map

City Map   This site organizes hotels, cultural activities, shopping, and services by category and by zip codes which will help you with the hotel search. Mayra lives in zip code 10037. If you want to be near Time Square and other touristy areas, some good zip codes are probably 10019, 10036, 10018, 10001.  If you are looking for lower costs, some of the hotels in the Upper West Side might be more economical. has a city map with the names of the neighborhoods. Mayra lives in East Harlem. Learn about the Cultural History of Harlem at the Schomburg Exhibition at the New York Public Libary and online.

map of neighborhoods

More Activities:

NYC Attractions from EasyToBook

I Love NY listings

Fun for Kids

Historic Tours





modern art
central park