Proposal and Engagement Discoveries Boy Meets Girl Mayra and Brice Together Welcome  

Kathleen and Daniel Holtzman

Kathleen and Daniel Holtzman were our warm and welcoming hosts for a joyful Engagement Party in May. This was the first occasion in which family and friends of Mayra and Brice met, and the merriment was unanimous and heartfelt.

Kathleen prepared a scrumptious Scandinavian Smörgåsbord. It was the perfect repast to celebrate the shining spring day and the bright future ahead for Brice and Mayra.

To cook the Scandinavian way is to honor tradition and the harvest from sea, forest, and farm. For hundreds of years many of the recipes being used today weren’t written down but handed down, like folk ballads, mouth to mouth, memory to memory. And so it is with Kathleen who shared with us her grandmother's banana pudding and traditional ginger cookies and a heavenly chocolate torte with juicy raspberries.

Fruited pork loins, fresh salmon, herring in two kinds of sauces, shrimp salad, pickled cucumbers, beets, potato salad, cheeses, crusty breads, leafy greens.And champagne, lots of champagne. Other friends added to the array of our "just desserts": Rosalind contributed an apple cake, and Alicia brought a creamy flan. And champagne, lots of champagne.
Other events in history occurred on May 6th, such as the sacking of Rome; the opening of Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, and the Chunnel; the date that Arkansas rent herself from the Union and the date FDR helped to mend the tears of the Depression with his creation of the WPA. As momentous as all of these dates are, to Mayra's and Brice's friends and family, May 6th will be remembered as the date on which we met together at the Holzman home to celebrate the start of their lifelong adventure. Here are some of the candid photos that capture the May 6th we will remember:
London and Phyllis