Brice and Mayra chose this historic church in Harlem, across the street where Mayra lives, because of its beauty and because they plan to live in Harlem after they wed.

Brice and Mayra will be married at:

The Roman Catholic
Church of All Saints


47 East 129th St at Madison Ave

New York, NY 10035
Tel: 212-534-3535

The ornate Venetian Gothic building for All Saints Church was designed by James Renwick, Jr., who was also the architect for St. Patrick's Cathedral, Grace Episcopal Church, and the Smithsonian Institution. Dedicated in 1893, the imposing and quite grand church is often called the "St. Patrick's of Harlem", and is noted for its patterned brickwork, terra cotta details, wheel windows at the clerestory level, and tall bell tower. The vaulted interior is also rich in details, including comfortable hand-carved pews, murals and stained glass. All Saints Church was declared a New York City Landmark in January 2007.
The historic organ in All Saints Church was built by the Roosevelt Company of New York City in 1892, and was in fact the last organ to be finished by the Roosevelt firm. Highly-decorated façade pipes were originally painted in olive green, raw umber, blue-grey, teal green, and black. In addition, designs were stenciled over the paint, then gold and silver leaf was applied. The impressive organ case, built of quarter-sawn white oak, is 35 feet wide and 12 feet deep; its front pipes frame the large rose window, while the center section is cantilevered 5 feet from the main case and 9 feet above the choir loft. The organ is the third-largest Roosevelt-manufactured organ in the United States and will be heard during the ceremony.