Brice Anthony Kirkendall

Brice was born in Boston, MA to Sandra and Howard Kirkendall. He has one younger sister, London, with whom he has always played nicely. Brice grew up in New Rochelle, NY. His good friends, Mike Gips, Pete Silverstein, Roger Blair, and Paul Manner, have been pals since early school days.

Brice's First Love had personality, but was far less attractive than Mayra.

Brice was an enthusiastic Boy Scout, earning his Eagle rank at the age of 14, and developing a life-long passion for hiking. His first flapjacks were flapped over a campfire.

Brice's first word may have been "truck", but his ardor soon turned to trains and model railroading. Most of the money he earned on his paper routes ended up in the corporate coffers of Lionel. He built a layout the size of the family ping pong table (a table that didn't see much pinging or ponging anyway) and honed his negotiating skills as he bargained to add to his collection. Of course, what he truly coveted was his Uncle Raymond's Porsche.


Drove coast to coast and back

Sweet Ride

Future VP of Engineering & Operations

Career Moves

Brice earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Computer Science from Allegheny College and served as General Manager of the college radio station (which was a lot more fun than classwork). Tom Schicker and Brice began their friendship at Allegheny. After graduation, he moved to Boston to work for WCGY, where he met his good friend Ben Witherell. Wanderlust set in and he decided to see what the West Coast could do for his radio career. At San Diego and Santa Barbara stations, he held various management positions in marketing, promotion, research and programming.

He missed New York, though, and, more importantly, his family. So Brice joined the technical support team for Radio Computing Services ( in Westchester. He soon became product manager for a radio listener research tool, launched the web site for RCS and progressed to serve as product manager for RCS's broadcast automation system. Concurrently, he expanded his technical expertise by earning a certificate in object-oriented programming from NYU.

During the height of the dotcom boom, Brice managed the launch of two products focused on internet delivery of audio and content for both traditional and internet-only broadcasters.

In 2001, Brice became the product manager for audio recognition software that is the basis for the operation he manages today. Successful launch of the software lead to the formation of Media Monitors ( in 2003 as a subsidiary of RCS. Brice was named Vice President of Engineering and U.S. Operations. RCS and Media Monitors were acquired by Clear Channel in 2006.

Brice showed early promise as a Technical Support Specialist

Brice is an avid landscape photographer, an interest he shares with Mayra. He enjoys hiking, skiing, and, always ready to play, he is a doting "Uncle Brice" to his friends' children. And he keeps his friendships for life!